Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wild West Days

This weekend was filled with lots of fun activities for Wild West Days. Saturday we were in the parade with my Mom and Dad. They pulled the kids in their Soap Box Derby Cars. I was a little worried, I wasn't sure if the kids would sit in their cars for that long. But they did a wonderful job. Lily was so cute. She waived to the crowd the whole way through the parade.

Sunday was Race Day, the Soap Box Derby! The kids were so excited. My Dad built the Soap Box Cars for them. Braiden requested a black car with "old school flames" and Lily requested a pink and purple car. Braiden raced first and did a great job. Then Lily raced, the other driver was ahead of her, but as the got closer to the bottom of the hill, Lily picked up speed and passed him. My niece Sadie also raced. She used my other niece Jenna's car. Jenna wasn't able to race it, so they asked if Sadie wanted to race it.

It was then time for the trophies. Braiden got 3rd Place and won $25. Lily got 1st Place and won $50. Braiden asked "Why is Lily's trophy bigger than mine?" I'm not sure how he felt at first losing to a girl, and not just any girl, but his little sister. But he ended up taking it pretty well, making sure to tell everyone that he won last years derby.

After the race, we went down to the carnival so the kids could go on some rides. They went on all of their favorites... helicopters, boats, cars, dizzy dragons and the roller coaster. Braiden and Sadie went down the giant slide, but Lily chickened out when she got to the top. Maybe next year she will give that one a try.

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